The bar is the ideal place to enjoy a drink out of our large selection.
There is something for everybody : several Belgian beers, different liquors, Cava, our own house Champagne Martel, the house wine or you make a choice out of the well balanced wine menu.
You can come together for a business talk or have an aperitif or a drink after the meal. You can also just hop in for a drink. From 18.00 - 21.30 Hr you can eat something small from the bar menu.
In the bar you can see a couple of pictures of famous people who have a special relation to the Cousaert family :
* Ernst Happel (famous soccer coach, who won almost everything with Club Bruges in de seventies)
* Marvin Gaye (Freddy Cousaert, the owners brother, was his manager, when he made "sexual healing" in Ostend)
* Fabian Cancellara (TREK FACTORY RACING) who is a regular visitor 
* Michel Preud'homme, for whom the Weinebrugge is a home away from home. 

Gastronomic menu / Gastronomisches Menü

Aperitif of the house with its appetizers
Aperitif des Hauses mit Munderfrischungen
Carpaccio of tuna with Japanese seaweed
Carpaccio vom Thunfisch mit japanische Algen
Gamba a la plancha with herbal oil
Gamba a la planche mit Kräuteröl
Grilled Angus Ribeye with maître d’hôtel butter and confit vegetables
Gegrillte Angus Ribeye mit Maître d’hôtel Butter und Kandierten Gemüse
Panna cotta with summer fruit and a shea of vegetables
Pannacotta mit Sommer Obst und Shea von Gemüse
Selection of fine cheeses served with a glass Madeira
(€13.00 supplement)
Ein Selection von Feinkäse mit einem Glass Madeira
(€13.00 supplement)


Market menu / Marktmenu

Grilled black prawn with a herb oil
Gegrillter Gamba mit Kräuteröl
Or / oder
Soused herring with its garnishment
Matjes mit Garnitur
Or / oder
Gazpacho soup with shrimps
Gazpacho mit Garnelen
Steak tartare with French fries
Steak Tartar mit Pommes Frites
Or / oder
Sea bass Spanish style
Seebarsch auf spanische Weise
Or / oder
Mussels ‘nature’ (suppl €5.00)
 Muscheln Natur (Suppl €5.00)
Panna cotta of red fruit and coulis of strawberries
Panna Cotta von rote Obst mit Coulis von Erdbeeren
Or / oder
Dame Blanche or Coupe strawberries
Dame Blanche oder Coupe Erdbeeren
Or / oder
Cheese (Suppl €4.00)
Käse (Suppl €4.00)
Or / oder