The bar is the ideal place to enjoy a drink out of our large selection.
There is something for everybody : several Belgian beers, different liquors, Cava, our own house Champagne Martel, the house wine or you make a choice out of the well balanced wine menu.
You can come together for a business talk or have an aperitif or a drink after the meal. You can also just hop in for a drink. From 18.00 - 21.30 Hr you can eat something small from the bar menu.
In the bar you can see a couple of pictures of famous people who have a special relation to the Cousaert family :
* Ernst Happel (famous soccer coach, who won almost everything with Club Bruges in de seventies)
* Marvin Gaye (Freddy Cousaert, the owners brother, was his manager, when he made "sexual healing" in Ostend)
* Fabian Cancellara (TREK FACTORY RACING) who is a regular visitor 
* Michel Preud'homme, for whom the Weinebrugge is a home away from home. 

Gastronomic menu until 15 October

Gourmet menu - Gourmetmenu

Aperitif of the house with its appetizers
Aperitif des Hauses mit Munderfrischungen
(Glass of Champagne - Glas Champagner
€5.00 Supplement)
Roulleaux of Holstein beef with smoked duck liver ‘Bekegem’
Roulleaux von Holstein-Rind mit geräucherten enteleber Bekegem
Lightly grilled sole fillets with sweet potatoes and sabayon of pickles
Leicht gegrillt Seezungenfilets mit Süβkartoffeln und Sabayon Pickles
Calf milk Crown with Mediterranean vegetables, gratin and basil sauce
Kälbermilch Krone mit mediterranem Gemüse Gratin, Basilikum sauce
Breton sand dough with lemon cream and raspberries
Breton Sand Teig mit Zitronencreme und Himbeeren
Selection of fine cheeses served with a glass Madeira
(€13.00 supplement)
Ein Selection von Feinkäse mit einem Glass Madeira
(€13.00 supplement)

all inclusive  (Water, wine and coffee) - Alles Inklusive (Wasser, Wein und Kaffee)
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Market menu / Marktmenu

Creamy rocket salad soup with bacon & croutons
Rucolasalat Suppe mit Speck und Croutons
Or / oder
Salad with goatcheese and balsamicsyrup
Salat mit Ziegenkäse und Balsamicosirup
Or / oder
Baked scampi with tomato fondu and fried onionrings
Scampi mit tomatenfondu und gebratenen Zwiebelringen
Vegetable casserole with fried angler
Gemüseragout mit gebratenem Schwanzfisch
Or / oder
Grilled Hereford with choron sauce
Gegrilltes Hereford mit Choron-Sauce
Or / oder
Veal steak Milanaise
Kalbssteak Milanaise
Café Glace
Café Glace
Or / oder
Dame Blanche
Dame Blanche
Or / oder
Cheese (Suppl €4.00)
Käse (Suppl €4.00)
Or / oder